The Quechee Ski Hill is closed today so there is no practice today - Feb. 4 

Training Plan: Feb. 5-6

Well, winter is making itself known today and tomorrow, anyway - I don’t think we need to worry about mushy surface for a bit! :)

Regarding Saturday and Sunday this week, there is a small change in the planned schedule:


The U14’s are currently planning to train starting at 10 am time slot, off the t-bar. I will be there, but it is supposed to be extremely cold. IF you come out, you will want to ensure that all skin is covered. The current predictions are for the wind chill to be in the -40 range in the morning. Many local programs are delaying their starts until the afternoon (like S6, for example). 

Saturday afternoon, we will train SL off the t-bar during the U16 time slot from 2-3:30. I will try to keep us moving as quickly as we can to get the most out of this. Please come on out - if you get cold, you can cycle through the lodge and get back on the hill. Again, dress warmly and if we have negative windchills still, make sure that all skin is covered. Speaking from someone that has had frostbite, you don’t want it :)



The U14’s are at a race, so for those that are in the combined training, we will be coordinating something like last weekend. Plan on SL skis and I will ensure that we have something fun and also beneficial for both the 9-11 and the 12-2 time slot. This is the current plan.  It is subject to modification, so if I need to change anything, I will communicate that my email - please be looking.

Overall - SL skis and guards this weekend and make sure you are warm and covered appropriately for the weather.

*****Frostbite note: Please keep eyes on each other, especially faces. If you see any areas turning white on another athlete, make sure to point it out right away and have them head to the lodge to warm up. Your toes are also of primary concern. If your toes begin to hurt from the cold, that is the time to head in.  Do not wait until the feeling of cold decreases - that is a problem - you can ask me if you want…. 




It may seem odd that we can’t just run what the 14’s might be running, but at these ages, the strength, weight and abilities tend to grow pretty fast and most of the 16’s carry a considerably higher speed than the average 14 does, to say nothing of the differences in setting and gate hardware. With the increased speed comes increased concerns for things like fall zones, etc. Coach Steve and I will always have safety first in mind, and sometimes that might mean last minute changes to the training plan.  We will make every effort to communicate these early, but you might find out on short notice that we are changing from GS to SL, or vice versa (less likely).  Make sure both sets of gear are ready to grab.

We will definitely find the fun!


U16 General Information

Ages: 14, 15

There are two train-only options for this age group:

  • Gate training Saturday afternoons from 2 to 3:30 pm. Program fee: $295
  • Training with U14s on Saturday and Sundays, 9 to 11 am and 12 to 2 pm, and Saturday Gate Training. Program fee: $895 

Each athlete must also join USSA as a general member.