Ages: 14 and 15

The U16 program is for 14 to 15-year-olds. The U16 age group marks the end of children's racing and the beginning of USSA scored racing. New for 2016, U16s will NOT be racing in a designated council series. Instead, U16s will compete in Vermont Cup, George Tormey Series, or other open scored races in Vermont and New Hampshire.

 The primary objective is to challenge each racer with varied terrain, course sets, and snow conditions while developing strong, consistent technique and tactics.

Schedule: U16s will have a rigorous race schedule running from December to April. The coaching staff will distribute a race schedule at the beginning of the year. All U16s will be able to compete in the Vermont State Championships to try to qualify for the U16 Eastern Championships.

U16 racers will primarily train at Quechee, but at times will train offsite at the coach's discretion to get exposure to different racing terrain.

Equipment: There are changes to the equipment requirements this year. 

As soon as we find out information about the 2020-2021 equipment Requirements, we will post them here.  

If you have any questions please contact Shahen directly if you have questions about the regulations or any specific equipment-related questions.

Program fee: $795.00. Racers must purchase a Quechee Ski Hill season pass (available at the Quechee Club) or you may purchase a daily ticket at the ticket booth. Also, each racer must join USSA and VARA.

Please contact Shahen [email protected] directly with any questions or concerns about the upcoming season's schedule or objectives.

As soon as the VARA Schedule is finalized we will include it here.