Training Plan: March 10-12


Snow??  Wow, that was amazing. Although I was not there to enjoy, the stories I heard were incredible. When it snows as it did on Friday night, the only training should be powder skiing and I hear it was epic.

The banquet was amazing also, definitely the largest ever!!  Congratulations to all those involved in the organization.

Sunday was race day for both age groups.  Each group saw a podium performance and many near misses as well as lots of great skiing.  It is always great to see the comfort level of our skier grown over the season and everyone yesterday was fired up and ready to race.  Well done all.

Mountain Note

Anne and I were invited to the Employee Appreciation Day and we both attended so as to spend time with GM, upper management, the lifties and opps guys.  I will say we are well into discussion about next year and feel confident we will have some good solutions to work with the mountain.

This Weekend

Despite the most recent weather events, the season is indeed winding down. Regular season racing for the U12s is complete, and the U10s have their last race this weekend. 

This Friday will also be the last day of Friday training as the mountain will no longer be open Fridays after the 10th. 

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed – Friday

  • GS Skis for all – No protection

Equipment Needed – Sat - Sun

  • GS Skis for all on Saturday – No Protection
  • SL Skis for all on Sunday – Shin guards only

Please remember to tune your skis every week.


U10 Stubby GS Race - Pico

Please register on Admin ASAP if you have not done so.

  • Please arrive at Pico at 7:45. 
  • We will meet in the downstairs of the Pico Base Lodge on the Mountain side for Bib Pick-up.
  • 8:15    Athletes load lift
  • 8:15-9:15 Inspection
  • 9:20    Forerunners
  • 9:30    Run 1
  • Second run directly follows
  • Don’t forget the third run.

Parent Tickets will be sold online only at www.adminskiracing.com ($64) and will be picked up in the AML the morning of the race prior to 8:30 am. No more than two tickets per racer family will be sold.

Future Race Schedule


Mar 12          Sunday         GS Race                                     Pico

Please contact me with any questions. 


Summer Camp – Elite Team

ELITEAM Fitness Camps are returning to Killington Mtn School this July 2023. On the schedule for this summer are two World Cup camps for athletes ages 11-14!

Camp Registration Opens Saturday, February 4th at 6am! Don't miss out!

Camps are led by Olympian Doug Lewis, along with a highly experienced team of coaches ready to inspire your athlete! Each week-long camp will be jam-packed with hard work, learning and FUN!

ELITEAM camps are designed for athletes who are ready and excited to take their performance to the next level. Athletes learn about Sports Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. Motivated athletes will walk away tougher, stronger, fitter, faster, with all the necessary tools to perform at their very best. All athletes of all sports are welcome!

Check out all the camp info below, and feel free to call or email Doug Lewis with questions. We hope to see you this at camp this summer!



Please contact me with any questions. 

Think Snow and above 0 temps!!


Race Day Protocol

Race day for the U10/12 age group can be frightening and confusing. Our goal will be to make race day as much like any other ski day and make it an integral part of their training. We will achieve this by reducing the hype surrounding race day and keeping it business as usual.

 We Will:

  • Inspect as we do for Training, quickly and only once.
  • Free ski before, during and after each run.
  • Be relaxed and have fun.

We will not:

  • Sit in the lodge waiting for our run
  • Create a vastly different scenario in the start area than what we have in training.
  • Suggest that the athletes wait at the top of the race course for long periods before their run
    • At the U10/12 level, I would rather have the kids skiing, than have them standing in a line at the start. At the U10/12 level, you are not penalized for missing a start, this will change at the U14 level.
  • As coaches, we will not overanalyze the scoreboard

We encourage you:

  • On the way to the race – be positive – don’t coach – get them fed and laughing
  • To not hang around the scoreboard looking for your child’s times – encourage your children to do the same
  • To not ask your child how they did during their run – ask how it felt, did they have fun.
  • To show up at the awards ceremony, if allowed this year, with your child to demonstrate good sportsmanship and support of the whole team

Notes: If your child has a GS suit, we encourage them to wear it to training if they don’t have one – there is no need to purchase one.  At this race level, it is not necessary.


Friday Events

This year Quechee will be hosting two Friday events, one each for the U10s and U12s. Each of the events are VARA SL Fundamental’s Camp.  This event is not a race, but a training day where all ski areas in the Vermont Council are invited. Athletes ski in mixed club groups with coaches from other mountains coaching each group. 

The morning consists of 10-12 course set around the mountain with groups rotating through all of them. The afternoon consists of two untimed dual SL. The event is a great opportunity to meet skiers from other mountains. The camp runs from 8:30 – 2pm. 

There will be a registration for this event and that should be ready in the next week. I will direct you there when it is ready. The schedule is below:

  • Friday Feb 3, VARA U12 Project - SL, Quechee
  • Friday, Feb 10, VARA U10 Project - SL, Quechee




Please make sure your athlete has a helmet with hard ears.  If you are unclear what that is, please consult one of the coaches.  Athletes will not be able to race with soft ear helmets.

Shin Guards and Other Protection

U10 racers are encouraged to wear shin guards when we train stubbies. They will not need a chin guard or pole guards at this level. Race suits are also not required.

Note – the Team has some donated shin guards and a few suits available for use if you are unable to find those items on your own. Please contact Anne to see if something is available.


Race Schedule


  • Sun. Jan 29: GS Race, Killington
  • Fri. Feb 10: VARA U10 Project – SL, Quechee
  • Sun. Feb 12: Stubby SL Race, Okemo
  • Sun. Mar 5: Stubby SL Race, S6
  • Sun. Mar 12: GS Race, Pico


General U10 Information

Ages: 8 and 9

The U10 Team program is the next progression within the Quechee Ski Team. The U10 program incorporates all of the developmental components of the Mountain Team over a longer training day (9-11 am and 12-2 pm) with a greater emphasis on gate training and technique. There is also an option to train on Friday afternoons from 2:30 to 4 pm. 

This is one of our largest groups and the athletes will be broken into teams based on their skill level. Most U10 Team participants will be graduates of the Mountain Team and/or have four to five years of skiing experience.

U10 athletes participate in Mid-Vermont Council (MVC) events in the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA). U10 racers are divided into age/gender brackets (U10 - 8 and 9-year-olds) and compete for medals against same-gender racers within their age bracket. Medals are awarded for the 10 fastest times in each age/gender bracket. There is a season final race with all MVC mountains in early March. Requirements for participating in the U10 program include:

  • Previous experience in a race program or solid skiing skills (Mountain Team or other).
  • High Intermediate to advanced parallel skiing.
  • Wants to be there, has a desire to learn, listens to and respects the coaches.

Program fee: $895.00. Racers must purchase a Quechee Ski Hill season pass (available at the Quechee Club) or you may purchase a daily ticket at the ticket booth. Also, each racer must join USSA and VARA.

As soon as the VARA scheduled is finalized we will add it here.