Mountain Team

Training Plan: March 11-12

Hello Mountain Teamers,

Can you believe the season ends the weekend we get the storm we have been waiting for all year long!? Thankfully it happened on a ski day! Whether your athlete was competing at S6 or skiing at Quechee, it was an amazing morning of powder and the athletes were all knee-deep. Great job to all of the athletes who gave it their all at S6. It was such a fun day to compete in all of that powder.  Also, a huge thank you to everyone involved in planning and pulling off the banquet. It was a great time!


Training Videos:

Side Slip with Edge Set


Pole Plant


Please remind your athletes of the importance of safety both on the ski trails and lift lines. Although the lift lines can be a bit of a wait, we are representing the Quechee Ski Team. 

No throwing snow, swinging/fighting with poles, or taking off skis while waiting in line. Although it's enticing to go under a rope even when the lift line is short, we do have the responsibility to model for the general public. We will go over some of these things this weekend but a reminder from home is helpful. Thank you!


Training will run on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 11:30 am. We will meet along the fence next to the handle tow.  Please come a few minutes early so we are ready to ski at 9:30. This means that athletes should eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and use the restroom prior to the start of practice. We will only have two hours and would like to utilize all of our practice time.

February Holiday Week: The Mountain Team will practice the week of February 20th-24th. We will train Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that week from 9:30-11:30. Wednesday is a free day for families to take advantage of a big mountain day. Stay tuned for more details about the Quechee Cup which is scheduled for Friday the 24th.

Parent/Coach Communication:

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] any time with Mountain Team related questions. I will do my best to answer your email within a timely manner. I am also happy to answer questions at the end of a practice session as first thing in the morning my attention will be focused on the day and the group of athletes.


For the Mountain Team it is important to have ski boots, skis, and ski poles that are the proper fit. Checking to make sure your child is able to flex their ski boot a little bit would be helpful as it can be hard to ski with a boot that is too stiff. We do encourage all athletes to ski with poles so bringing poles on the first day ready to ski is awesome. Every athlete is required to have a helmet and will not be allowed to ski without one. Please put a piece of duct tape with your child's first name and last initial prominently displayed on their helmet. This will greatly assist the coaches as we are getting to know everyone. Goggles are also a necessity as they help with visibility in inclement weather while also protecting the eyes. Some of you have reached out with questions about race skis.  I will say that it certainly helps the athletes to have a race ski as they are better able to ski the hard snow and engage in the drills and courses we set. That said, it is not a requirement. Henderson's does offer a race rental package and in the past they have allowed for an upgrade mid-season. I would reach out to Henderson's directly with any questions about availability.

Ski passes:

Please make sure to pick up your child's pass prior to the first day of practice.

Your child needs to have their ski pass visible on their goggle strap, jacket sleeve or on a retractable lanyard attached to their jacket.

For family members, renters and other non-QLLA ski team families, please make sure to purchase your child's season lift ticket and get their ski pass at the Quechee Clubhouse.


General Mountain Team Information - 7 to 11 years

The Mountain Team program is Quechee Ski Team's first introduction to ski racing. The program emphasizes developing strong fundamental skiing skills (the foundation of great ski racing) through a progression of drills, free skiing and gate training. The Mountain Team program is a half-day program operating on Saturdays and Sundays. from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

The Mountain Team participates in selected Quechee Team sponsored races and a limited number of races with 1 or 2 other mountains organized exclusively for Mountain Team skiers. Some of these races may be held at other local mountains. The Mountain Team is the perfect program for your child to be introduced to the fun and excitement of alpine ski racing while continuing to improve their overall skiing ability. Depending on individual ability level, it is typical for Mountain Team racers to participate on the Mountain Team for one to two seasons.

Requirements for Participation on the Mountain Team include:

  • Can ride chairlift alone and pull down the safety bar without assistance. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Age 7 to 11 - Your child must be 7-years-old by December 31, 2022, to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Intermediate parallel skiing (this is a must).
  • Independent - If cold or needs to use the bathroom during training, can and will go to the lodge alone and return to meet the team on the hill. Coaches are not babysitters.
  • Wants to be there, has a desire to learn, listens to and respects the coaches.

Program cost is: $795.00. Each Mountain Team member needs to have a Quechee Ski Hill season pass that can be purchased at the Quechee Club or you may purchase a daily price. Also, each Mountain Team member must join USSA as a alpine general non-competitor.

We will be attending a couple of races. Dates and locations to be announced. 

Note about equipment: Each participant must have skis and a helmet specific for skiing (not ones for hockey, biking, skateboarding, etc.). Junior ski racing packages are available at local ski shops. Henderson's in Quechee offers a junior ski racing lease program. For specific questions about equipment please contact Reese Brown at [email protected] More information about equipment can be found here.