Volunteer Commitment

Quechee Alpine Ski Club is a member-driven organization, which requires a commitment by member parents to become involved in running the Club's events. These events usually include hosting one U10/12 race and two VARA U10/12 Skills Projects.

Running a safe and enjoyable event requires a large group of people working together to maintain a safe race course and organize hundreds of racers. Parent involvement is paramount for our team to accomplish these goals.

Parents are expected to contribute their time to organize and run these events. The expectation is that each family will volunteer for a minimum of one race event or other volunteer needs. The race event volunteer jobs include gate judge, race registration, course maintenance during races, set up and clean up, helping to run the timing, helping at the start or the finish, and photography. Other volunteer needs include the banquet, auction, Quechee Cup and misc. tasks.  

Once you have signed up for a work position you must see that the work is completed. If your plans change and you are not available to work, it is your responsibility to find another parent to cover your work commitment. It is very likely that you will volunteer to work at an event in which your child is not even racing. 

Sign-ups for volunteer positions will be sent by email from the Volunteer Coordinator with follow-up emails on when and where to show up.


Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteer Position Description Time Commitment
Course maintenance Need to be comfortable on skis. Help the head of course maintenance maintain the safety of the course. 7:30 am to the end of race.
Hand Timer Work in pairs of two, one pair at the top of the course, the other at the bottom. Record the times from the hand timers to the timesheet. Training happens prior to the race. For the pair at the top of the course, you need to either hike up/down or ski to the start. The pair at the end of the course can hike up. 8:30 am for training and stay until the end of the second run.
Starter From inside the Start Hut, is on a headset communicating with the timers to start each racer. Needs to be able to get to the start hut. 9 am at the Start Hut until the end of the race.
Starter Assistant Needs to get to the top of the course and helps the starter get the racers in place for their runs. 9 am at the Start Hut until the end of the race.
FinishLine Set Up/Take Down Help to set up the course and/or take it down, this is often two different sets of people. Skis are not required, but you need to get to the area at the end of the course by the Finish Hut. 7:30 am to help set up. And then at the end of the race to help take it down.
Gate Judge This is the most important position that we have, and every family must sign-up for one gatekeeping position. You are responsible for watching a set of gates to verify that racers got through those gates cleanly and record that information on gatekeeper cards. There is training at 8:15 am before the race. At the end of each run, there are generally two runs per race, you need to stay at the finish line until the head gatekeeper releases you to make sure there are no issues with any of the gatekeeper cards. Gates are assigned from the top of the course to the bottom. You can either ski to your position, hike up/down to it. Skis are not required. 8:15 am meet in the rec room in the upper level of the Base Lodge and will stay through the end of the second run after the head gatekeeper says it's ok. There is usually a short break between the runs.
Registration We are moving to online registration this year. The group doing registration (4) will be responsible for handing out bibs and tickets only. 7:15 am to 9 am
Bib Collection & Sort This group of four is responsible for collecting the bibs at the end of the race and for resorting them into the bins after the race. It does not require skis. Be at the race corral (the end of the race) 15 minutes before the beginning of the second run until the end of the race, and the bibs in the bins.
Award Ceremony Leader Get the medals, megaphone from Anne. Ask the lift attendants to put the podium (which is stored in one of the buildings near the chairlift). They know where to put it and usually take care of it before we have to ask. No skis. Then help the person who is announcing the winner's hand to the medals. At least half an hour before the end of the race. You need to watch the second run and when there are about 30 racers left, make sure everything is set up and near the area. It takes about 45 minutes for us to pull the results together and then about 15 minutes to do the award ceremony.
Scoreboard Writes down the announced time for each racer on the scoreboard. No skis. The scoreboard is near the finish hut. 9:15 am to the end of the race. There is usually a break between runs.
Photographer Needs to be on skis, or have the ability to find a place that works to get as many of the Quechee racers as possible. Be available to take photos for at least one of the runs. We try to get photos of each Quechee racer.
Announcer Announces the racers and other race information. 9 am to the end of the race