COVID-19 Information

Hi QST families-

I hope you are all doing well and starting to think about the upcoming ski season. As you know, the QST Board has been working closely with Bernard, Anne and the Club over the last several months to plan for a ski team season that provides safe training and racing opportunities for our kids. On Friday, November 13th, Governor Scott announced several new COVID-19 mitigation measures, including a temporary suspension of all recreational sports programs, including organized and/or informal recreational youth and adult league sports, practices, games and tournaments. Upon further clarification, this includes the QST and other ski racing programs across the state, This suspension will continue until further notice, but we're being told that the youth club and league addendum is being reviewed weekly. While this creates further uncertainty about the operation of the ski team this season, we felt it was important to communicate these additional measures so that you may consider this in your planning for the upcoming winter.  

Despite this temporary suspension, we are hopeful that there will be ski racing and training this year and we are still actively planning for a season that is unique, flexible and fun.  

We will continue to follow the events and plans of the State of Vermont, VARAthe Quechee Club, and will be sure to keep you updated by email and on the team website.

Have a nice and safe Thanksgiving,

Chris Boelke
QST Board of Directors